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Pneumatic Clutches and Pneumatic Brakes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 . What is pneumatic clutches and brakes?
Ans. Pneumatic Clutch a devise to connect source of power to start machining. Pneumatic brake stops the machine instantly when clutch is disengaged.

Q2 . What is Clutches Brakes Combination?
Ans.- Clutch/brake combination is a single unit pneumatic clutch & spring applied fail safe Brake.

Q3 . What models are available?
Ans. - range of Model with torque capacities from 25 kgm to 5800 kgm.

Q4 . How does this product work?
Ans. - Compressed air at 5-6 kg/cm2 engages clutch/brake and release fail safe break which is spring applied.

Q5 . What sizes can I get?
Ans. - Torque capacities from 25 kg/m to 5800 kg/m available.

Q6 . Why would I use this?
Ans. - These are very reliable and efficient power transmission components long service life and low maintenance products.

Q7 . How much will it cost me to us?
Ans. - Cost depends on the model of clutch brake required.

Q8 . Is installation difficult?
Ans. - No, Installation is simple and products self adjusting for wear.

Q9 . Do you make standard or custom products?
Ans. - Wide range of slandered products to chose from. Custom products can be developed for specific applications.

Q10 . Does it increase the productivity?
Ans. - Yes.

Q11 . Does it requirements any maintenance
Ans. - No Warmout Friction pads or seal require replacement after long service life.

Q12 . What is the power consumption?
Ans. - Power required to oprate Air compressure & depands on Size required to give required volume at 6kg/cm2 pressure.

Q13 . How often should the clutch & breaks be serviced?
Ans. - Six Months.

Q14 . What does a service involve?
Ans. - Changing warm out friction pads & warm out "U" Seals.

Q15 . What is the warranty offered on airtorq make clutch brakes units?
Ans. - Clutch/Brake units are warranted against all material, Workmanship and manufacturing defets for a period of 12month from the date of fitment or 18 months from the date of dispatch, whichever is earlier.

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